Yokohama Advan Sport ZPS UHP 225/50R17 94Y Passenger Tire


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Yokohama Advan Sport ZPS UHP 225/50R17 94Y Passenger Tire

  • Product May Vary From Picture
  • Wheel/Rim Not Included

Yokohama Advan Sport ZPS 225/50R17 94Y


As the first in a legendary line of tire to combine Yokohama’s signature performance with run flat capabilities, the ADVAN Sport Z.P.S. provides the security of knowing that both technology and safety are on your side. ADVAN Sport Z.P.S. was designed to maintain performance and stability for up to 50 miles at 50 mph in a loss-of-pressure situation.

– UNIQUE SIDEWALL REINFORCEMENT – Original low heat-generating compound is designed to support your vehicle’s weight during run flat operation.
– SUPPORTIVE BEAD FILLER – Intelligent bead filler delivers a comfortable ride at normal operation, and high rigidity under zero pressure conditions.
– DURABLE BEAD WIRE – Extra thick bead wire is placed in a hexagonal arrangement which allows for easier fitting to the rim and reduces the risk of bead unseating after loss of air pressure.
– NANOTECHNOLOGY TREAD COMPOUND – Newest nanotechnology tread compound bonds super-fine, high-grade silica and polymers at the molecular level to increase flexibility, durability and contact area for better wet and dry traction through a variety of temperature ranges.
– VARIABLE ROUND GROOVES – Are cut in round shape at different widths and angles, to prevent one-sided abrasion and maximize performance on wet surfaces.

– Size: 225/50R17
– Load Range: SL
– Product May Vary From Picture
– Wheel/Rim Not Included

  • Size: 225/50R17
  • Load Range: SL
  • Tire Diameter: 17 in
  • Tire Terrain: Highway Terrain
  • Construction Type: Radial
  • Features: Size: 225 55R9273
  • Tire Size: 225/50R17
  • Brand: Yokohama
  • Vehicle Type: Car
  • Tire Width: 225
  • Tire Aspect Ratio: 50
  • Wheel Diameter: 17 Inches
  • Warranty Distance: 0 miles
  • Tire Season: Summer
  • Tire Speed Rating: Y
  • Is Run Flat: Y
  • Tire Type: Passenger Car Tires
  • Tire Load Index: 94
  • Uniform Tire Quality Grade (UTQG): 180 AA A
  • Tire Traction Rating: AA
  • Tire Treadwear Rating: 180
  • Tread Depth: 10/32
  • Assembled Product Weight: 30.67 lb
  • Model: Advan Sport ZPS 110110194
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 110110194
  • Manufacturer: Yokohama
  • Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 25.90 x 25.90 x 9.20 Inches

Additional information

Weight30 lbs
Dimensions9.2 × 25.9 × 25.9 in






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