Nexen Winguard Ice Plus Winter 195/65R15 95T XL Passenger Tire Fits: 2009-12 Honda Civic Hybrid-L, 2010-11 Toyota Prius Base


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Nexen Winguard Ice Plus 195/65R15 95T XLOVERVIEWNexen’s Winguard Ice Plus is a studless Nordic winter tire that’s built for use on passenger cars. The Winguard Ice Plus features a dual V-shaped design that enhances grip and braking performance, and four main grooves that drain snow, slush, and water away from the tire to reduce the risk of hydroplaning. Additionally, the Winguard Ice Plus also utilizes stiff shoulders for better durability.


  • Designed for use on coupes, sedans, CUVs, SUVs, and minivans in winter weather conditions
  • Backed by Nexen’s Total Coverage Warranty, which includes 36 Months of Roadside Assistance
  • Three Peak Mountain Snowflake certified for use in severe winter weather conditions
  • Built with dual V-shaped tread blocks that improve grip and braking performance
  • Four wide grooves work with two small semi-grooves to drain water, slush, and snow out of the tire to reduce the risk of hydroplaning in wet weather
  • Engineered with stiff shoulders that enhance strength and durability
  • A 3D block design prevents abnormal wear for a longer tread life

2013-15 Honda Civic Natural Gas
2012-18 Ford Focus S
2016-17 Honda Civic DX
2003-13 Toyota Corolla CE
2014-19 Toyota Corolla LE Eco
2008 Honda Civic DX-G
2015-19 Chevrolet Cruze L
2020-22 Toyota Corolla Hybrid LE
2006-07 Honda Accord Value Package
2006-07 Honda Civic Hybrid
2003-05 Honda Accord DX
2010-13 Kia Soul Base
2014-18 Kia Forte LX
2013-16 Hyundai Elantra L
2016-17 Volkswagen Jetta Trendline
2009-10 Chevrolet Cobalt LS
2020-22 Nissan Versa S
2017-18 Hyundai Elantra Eco
2010-12 Kia Forte EX
2019-22 Kia Forte FE
2001-02 Honda Accord Value Package
2014 Volkswagen Jetta Comfort TDI
2021-23 Hyundai Elantra Preferred Hybrid
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  • Tire Diameter: 15 in
  • Tire Terrain: Ice
  • Construction Type: Radial
  • Features: Wheel Not Included
  • Tire Size: 195/65R15
  • Brand: Nexen
  • Vehicle Type: Car
  • Tire Width: 195
  • Tire Aspect Ratio: 65
  • Wheel Diameter: 15 Inches
  • Warranty Distance: 30000 mi
  • Tire Season: Winter
  • Tire Speed Rating: T
  • Tire Type: Passenger Car Tires
  • Tire Load Index: 95
  • Tread Depth: 11/32
  • Assembled Product Weight: 20.76 lb
  • Model: 16027NXK
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 16027NXK
  • Manufacturer: Nexen










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