Kumho Ecsta PA51 225/40-18 92 W Tire


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The Kumho Ecsta PA51 is a performance and high performance, depending on the speed rating, all season tire manufactured for passenger vehicles. Kumho offers a 45,000 mile tread wear warranty with this model.

The tire promotes great all weather traction. The silica-based tire compound and the asymmetric tread pattern increases the tire’s grip on dry, wet and winter weather roads. The silica in the tire’s rubber material maintains its flexibility in various weather, including in colder temperatures. The asymmetric tread’s siping and notch pattern helps improve the grip the tire has on the road surface. These tread elements heighten the number of biting edges gripping the road surface which guarantees a secure driving experience. The circumferential grooves prevent hydroplaning by dispersing water and slush from below the tire’s footprint. The better traction and hydroplaning prevention guarantee a secure driving experience.

The model’s controllability is enhanced with its tread pattern. The tread’s continuous center ribs keep the tire’s contact with the road surface at all times, which upgrades the steering responsiveness and the driving stability. The better contact with the road surface boosts the tire’s steering response time and accuracy to the driver’s commands, while it secures the structure against the driving pressure affecting the model. The tread’s wider shoulder tread block pattern upgrades the cornering capability. These blocks increase the number of biting edges gripping the road surface to improve the cornering and maneuvering ability. The maintained road contact and optimal tire shape and the silica-compound’s prevention of heat build-up work together to significantly enhance the high speed performance and driving ability.

The tire’s balanced footprint and tread pattern advance the tread life. The maintained road contact upgrades the tire’s contact with the road surface, which enhances the pressure distribution along the tread area. As a result, the driving pressure is evenly circulated on the tire’s surface. This equally spread out force of acceleration, cornering and braking avoid the formation of irregular tread wear formations. The longer lasting tread life elongates the tire’s usability making the tire more cost-efficient.


  • All weather traction
  • High speed controllability
  • Longer lasting tread life
  • Reduced road noise levels
  • all season tire manufactured for passenger vehicles
  • Black Side wall

2017 Honda Civic Si
2017-19 Chevrolet Cruze Diesel
2020 Toyota Corolla SE Nightshade
2021-22 Toyota Corolla XSE Apex
2014-16 Dodge Dart GT
2016 Chevrolet Cruze Premier
2013 Dodge Dart R/T
2017-18 Volkswagen Jetta GLI
2017 Hyundai Elantra Sport
2015-16 Volkswagen Jetta GLI Autobahn
2018 Hyundai Elantra Sport Tech
2014 Volkswagen Jetta GLI
2007-08 Scion tC Spec
2019-20 Hyundai Elantra Sport
2005-06 Scion tC Base
2016-17 Lexus IS200t F Sport
2014-19 Mercedes-Benz CLA250 4Matic
2006-09 Lexus IS250 Base
2019-22 Subaru Impreza Sport
2013 Volkswagen Jetta TDI Premium
2009-10 Mercedes-Benz C300 4Matic Luxury
2005-06 BMW 330i Base
2016 Hyundai Veloster Rally Edition
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  • Tire Diameter: 18 in
  • Tire Terrain: Highway Terrain
  • Construction Type: Radial
  • Tire Size: 225/40R18
  • Brand: Kumho
  • Vehicle Type: Car
  • Tire Width: 225
  • Tire Aspect Ratio: 40
  • Wheel Diameter: 18 Inches
  • Warranty Distance: 50000 miles
  • Tire Season: All-Season
  • Tire Speed Rating: W
  • Tire Type: Passenger Car Tires
  • Tire Load Index: 92
  • Tread Depth: 11/32
  • Assembled Product Weight: 27 lb
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 2244723
  • Manufacturer: Kumho






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