Firestone Firehawk Indy 500 P205/55R16 91W BSW Summer Tire


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Bridgestone Alenza AS Ultra


  • All Season Traction
  • High Speed Handling
  • Longer Lasting Service Life


The Bridgestone Alenza AS Ultra is a performance and high performance, all season tire created for SUVs. This model is available in some touring sizes as well. The manufacturer also offers an 80,000 warranty.

This tire is able to perform in versatile weather conditions. It maintains consistent traction in wet, dry, and winter weather conditions. It has great gripping ability due to the detailed tread and the all season rubber blend. Its optimal siping placement excels on some of the harshest rainy days. It utilizes a high number of biting edges to keep up the performance all year. Thanks to the all season compound, it maintains its flexibility both during hot summers and freezing cold winters. The four circumferential grooves take care of hydroplaning, by channeling water, slush, and snow away from the contact path.

With this model, the driver has full control over the vehicle. It boasts a wide, five-rib tread that stabilizes the tire on the road surface. The driver can capitalize on this stability and have better control over the vehicle. Due to the tire’s design, the vehicle is going to respond faster and with greater precision to the driver’s commands. The siped shoulder blocks improve the tire’s cornering and maneuvering ability. The whole tread is packed with biting edges, allowing the tire to establish a powerful grip on the asphalt. The strengthened construction enables the tire to endure high speed pressure, while preventing heat build-up at the same time.

This model boasts a longer tread life, thanks to its flat footprint and sturdy all season compound. These features both slow down tread wear and prevent premature wear. By evenly distributing the load and driving pressure, the tire keeps the tread wear even across the tread. The heat-resistant rubber blend guarantees that tread deformations are not going to happen, not even at high speeds. This way, the Alenza AS Ultra can serve its owner in the long run, while minimizing the chances of suffering any deformations.

Manufacturers recommend changing tires every 10 years. As long as tires are properly stored before they are sold, the year of their manufacture will not shorten their service life.


  • Size: 225 65R17
  • Season: All Season
  • Performance: Performance
  • Car Type: Truck/SUV
  • Load Range: SL
  • Product May Vary From Picture
  • Tire Rim Not Included


  • Tire Diameter: 16
  • Tire Terrain: Highway Terrain
  • Construction Type: Radial
  • Features: Size: 2256517, Season: All-Season, Performance: Performance, Car Type: Truck/SUV, Load Range: SL
  • Tire Size: 205/55R16
  • Brand: Bridgestone
  • Vehicle Type: Truck/SUV
  • Tire Width: 205
  • Tire Aspect Ratio: 55
  • Wheel Diameter: 16
  • Warranty Distance: 0 miles
  • Tire Season: All-Season
  • Tire Speed Rating: W
  • Is Run Flat: Unknown
  • Tire Type: Light Truck & SUV Tires
  • Tire Load Index: 92
  • Uniform Tire Quality Grade (UTQG): 320 AA A
  • Tire Traction Rating: A
  • Tire Treadwear Rating: 800
  • Tread Depth: 9/32
  • Assembled Product Weight: 25 lb
  • Model: 008344
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 11969
  • Manufacturer: Bridgestone
  • Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 25.00 x 25.00 x 9.00 Inches






Product Width

25.00 in

Product Height

9.00 in

Product Length

25.00 in


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